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Retirement Plan Sponsors

Investment Stewards - those responsible for managing investments within retirement plans, trusts, endowments and foundations – are facing heightened scrutiny from plan participants, beneficiaries, donors, charitable recipients and state and federal regulators. We provide a thorough process to help plan sponsors evaluate, understand and implement comprehensive retirement programs.  


Using our fiduciary program we will guide you through a process to identifying your responsibilities and develop policies and procedures to reduce risk. These services are provided under an advisory relationship. 

  • Evaluate your organizations current fiduciary practices and recommend actions that address risk areas and help pursue compliance with applicable state and federal law
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive investment policy statement that documents all the processes and procedures that will be used to manage your portfolio
  • Analyze and optimize your portfolio’s asset allocation strategy to better align with the plan or fund’s specific investment objectives
  • Apply objective standards for evaluation and recommending appropriate investment options for your portfolio
  • Monitor and report performance of your portfolio and its underlying investments on an ongoing basis and recommending changes when necessary
  • Serve as a resource for education and assistance to help you understand and fulfill your fiduciary obligations with greater confidence


BFP Financial Services is committed to understanding and supporting our plan sponsors with a variety of services. These services are provided under a broker relationship. 

  • Plan Design Assistance
  • Plan Due Diligence and Benchmarking
  • Assistance with Changes in Plan Parameters/Features
  • Deliver Investment Performance Reports
  • Administrative Assistance with changes in Investment Options
  • Fee Transparency Reporting and Benchmarking
  • Service Provider Liaison
  • Education Services to Plan Committee
  • Employee Education and Communication
  • Plan Search Support/Vendor Analysis
  • Plan Transition, Merger, Integration and Termination Support


Our Education Plan Statement is intended to assist the plan sponsor with implementing, monitoring and evaluating a proactive participant education program.  

  • Inform employees that they are in control of their personal accounts.
  • Provide educational materials to help participants make informed investment decisions.
  • Encourage participants to select an appropriate asset allocation based on their risk tolerance, time horizon and other factors relating to their personal financial status.
  • Educate participants about capital markets, the relative risk and return of investing in different asset classes and the potential reduction of risk from diversified investing.
  • Motivate employees to participate to their maximum benefit.
  • Help manage the possibility of litigation by ensuring that all communications describe important benefit limitations and restrictions and reflect retirement plan operations accurately.


  • We put our clients’ interests first—ahead of our own and those of our firm. We act as a fiduciary.
  • When recommending investments, we seek the most appropriate investments and consider cost in that determination.
  • While we cannot promise superior investment returns, we provide impartial advice, and act with skill, care and diligence.
  • We provide full and fair disclosure of important facts, including our compensation from the providers of the products and services we offer.
  • We are our clients’ advocate with plan recordkeepers and will seek to manage any conflicts in our clients’ favor.